Monday, October 15, 2007

Has it been a year already???

It's hard to believe it has been almost a year to the day from when this picture was taken. Rusty and I were in Puerto Rico, on a cruise with about 11 other couples from McGregor. We had so much fun.... Who knew you could eat an "early" dinner, a "late" dinner and then a midnight buffet all in a four hour span??? It was the first time we had ever left the kids for that long (7 days!), it was also the longest Rusty and I had ever spent together in the 18 years of our relationship! It seems like an eternity ago. So much has changed in our lives over these past twelve months. Our address, church, jobs and priorities are just a few that top that list of changes! God has been so good to us, but I look at this picture and wish we had known then what we know now. How different would things be??? As I ponder that thought, I can't imagine them being any better then they are right at this moment. God's timing is always perfect. What were you doing a year ago???? How has your life changed in the last 12 months????