Sunday, September 28, 2008

family night #4 ~ apples of my eye

Carter rolling out the dough for our biscuits
making mini caramel apples
Gaby loved cutting the biscuits out!
what a goof!
Aunt Sam helping with the apples

At this week's family night, we had a few additions to our fun! My sister and her family flew in for the weekend. (I think she secretly didn't want to miss all the fun we have at family night! lol) On Friday night we had baked chicken with apples and the kids helped me make homemade biscuits with apple butter. For dessert we each made a few mini caramel apples. My plan was also to 'bob' for apples, but once again, the rain kept us inside, and I wasn't brave enough to do that in the house! This week was pretty low keyed, no decorations or games, just lots of family togetherness and the kids had so much fun helping us cook! Our family night carried over to the next morning, as we all loaded up the cars and headed to Morganton for some apple pickin' and wagon ridin'!!

check her blog out for more great ideas!


Martinez said...

The apples make my mouth water. Caramel is my favorite! Send me some. Just kidding! Your such a wonderful mom. Love ya!

M&M said...

your mini candied apples came out great and they look so yummy!
thanks again for hosting the pampered chef party - i hope you made out with some great goodies!