Monday, September 15, 2008


Yesterday was a day filled with a lot of emotion for me. The message at Ridge, was the second part of the three part series, "Everybody". This entire series is pretty close to my heart, but this particular message is very special to me. Rusty and I watched this message two years ago and it forever changed our lives. We both sat and cried the first time we watched it.... I never knew how life changing that 40 minute message would be! At that very moment, we both knew we wanted to be part of something that was making a difference in people's lives, even though we knew it wouldn't be easy. Flash forward to yesterday morning, and I'm sitting next to my husband, part of something that is truly making a difference, and I was watching that message again; for the first time since that day back in 2006. I cried the whole message, but for an entirely different reason.... I was completely overwhelmed with gratefulness.... How amazing is our Father! Who knew how that prayer Rusty and I prayed "way back when" would unfold? It has been an amazing journey... a hard one at times, but one I wouldn't trade for anything!

This is a highlight video, shot by the awesome Brian, and edited by the amazing, Rusty, of our first Sunday morning service at Ridge Church! Enjoy:)


Martinez said...

Hey girl,
The video was great. I think it's awsome how you have made yourself available that He may use you in a mighty way. We miss you and will continue to pray for you and yours.
Much love and prayer,
The Martinez family