Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Less Is More

I just finished reading Andy Stanley's, "Choosing to Cheat - who wins when work and family collide". To be honest I didn't choose this book for any reason in particular. I picked it up in the office while looking for something to read in the parent pick up line. In the first few paragraphs I was hooked! Where has this book been hiding?? As I began reading the foreword I thought to myself, "Rusty should have read this years ago." But the minute those thoughts entered my mind, I myself was convicted. For years we thought we had it so right. We lived at church. What better place to be all the time? Right??? Sometimes 5 nights a week we were there. Almost always as a family. I remember thinking how lucky we were that we all were there together. Looking back, we had it all so wrong. We were both cheating our family and we were both willing participants. Rusty would say, "Christmas pageant is coming, see ya in January!" and I would say, "If you wanna come visit, I'll be in the preschool!" We would laugh and shrug it off, meeting later as a family over Chic-Fil-A in one of the classrooms. Looking back it all seems so foreign to me. Was that our life? Is that what we want our kids to remember? Is that the legacy we want for our family? Rusty and I made a recommitment to ourselves, our family and our marriage, months ago, long before this book came into our lives. We promised to make our family our priority. It amazes me daily, how He rewards and blesses us for that commitment we made before Him. Don't make the same mistakes many families have made, don't cheat the ones you love. Why devote so much of your time to something you know you will leave, and so little time to those you come home to at night? We are so fortunate to be part of a team that puts family before work and I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him, right here, right now.


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I responded to Rusty's blog first, but now I have my answer. I totally agree. Been there, done that. Greg and I are so much happier. Especially at Christmas!