Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Surprise!

On Friday morning my sister Sam called and asked about our Labor Day weekend plans. When I told her, "Not much, just hangin' out at home", she then said, "Want some company?" I was beside myself and nearly shouted, "Come on!" We ended up meeting them at the airport Friday night. We didn't tell the kids they were coming. We used the excuse that Daddy is flying out at the end of the month and Mommy needed to know how to get to the airport (not a real stretch since I still have absolutley no idea how to get anywhere but Target!). They bought it, and it was a sweet surprise for them. We had a great time catching up and did some fun local things. One of them was the Matthews Alive! festival put on by the town of Matthews, NC. It was great! Beautiful fall weather and lots of yummy, fattening food! The kids had fun riding the rides and trying their luck at the carnival games. I miss them so, but we had a wonderful time and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. (Not really, but that's what I keep telling myself)