Thursday, August 23, 2007

Haircuts & Hairline Fractures

Yesterday was an interesting day full of fun and adventure! No, really is wasn't!! It was a day filled with haircuts and X-rays. Here's the abbreviated version.... Carter has not had a haircut since December. He has wanted to grow it long like Daddy. This excuse doesn't real hold any value, since Daddy cut his hair in July! But Carter likes his long hair and he wasn't too excited about the possibility of getting it chopped off. I found a really cool kid's salon about 20 minutes away and thus began the day... We get to the salon and it's so awesome, I wanted to get MY hair cut there! There was a pink Barbie jeep just calling my name! The 1st thing we see is a motorcycle. Carter LOVES motorcycles, so I think this is a win-win situation. Carter had other plans! He begins to scream like a maniac, hold his hair and start yelling, "Don't cut it, don't cut it!" I now am ready to strangle him... I drag him outside, and begin trying to explain the need for a haircut. (ex. I know we're in NC, but mullets are still not acceptable.) He does not agree, gets a spanking and then goes back in the salon. I put him on the motorcycle and the sweet (and very patient) stylist says, "Do you want the Zack and Cody haircut. That'll make you look super cool!" He says yes and so the haircut finally begins. When he is all done, with lollipop in mouth, he says, "Can we come here every week to get a haircut?" I could just scream! After the "fun" haircut adventure we head to the doctor's office. About 2 weeks ago, we had a sleepover w/ some friends and Abby's arm landed under a very creative leap off the bed. No bruising, no swelling, so no ER visit. Now this week, she has complained every night that it hurts. I start thinking hairline fracture, so does the pediatrician so off to radiology we go. Long story short, all is fine, just a deep tissue bruise, but now Abby is ticked off that she will not have a pink cast for the 1st day of school. My kids are so screwed up!! I wonder where they get that from???? After the fun time @ the hospital, we head to another salon (I am a gluten for punishment!) for Paige's first "tweenage" haircut. She was amazing and sat still and in the end looked beautiful. Very grown up, but beautiful. Now the real fun begins - School starts Monday!! Pray for me!!