Monday, August 20, 2007


Today was my niece, Sofie's, first day of kindergarten. It is so hard for me to believe that she is old enough to go to "big" school! Ever year older she gets, that's another year on my calendar too! She's brilliant (I'm not just saying that 'cause she's my niece! She really is!) and beautiful, just like her momma. I spoke with her on the phone tonight and asked her all the typical "1st" day questions. Did you like school? How was your teacher? Did you make some new friends? The last question I asked was if she thought she was the smartest student in her class. I love to ask her questions like this just to hear her response. Her answer, in true Sofie form, was "Hmmm, yes Aunt Tina. Of couse I was!" I so admire her confidence! I pray she never looses that! Somewhere along the road I have lost some of mine, I guess I could learn a thing or two from this precious five year old. I love you Sofia Madeline....