Monday, January 26, 2009

my baby is 8!

I have very mixed feelings about the birthdays of my children.... Every year they celebrate another candle on their cake, I realize that they are growing closer to the time when I will have to let them go. Some days it seems as though I will just blink and they will be adults and the decisions and choices they make will be completely their own. It creates a huge sense of urgency in me.... there are so many things I want to do with them, do for them and teach them to do for others. I want them to truly believe that their heavenly Father loves and knows what's best for them. Seems like such a simple truth, but one I know every decision they make on their own needs to be filtered through. Their birthday is a marking point to me that another year has slipped by.... way too fast. Then there are days where I feel like time stands still. Sitting across the table from the three precious children God has entrusted me with for such a short amount of time, makes me feel like the luckiest mom on Earth! Happy Birthday Carter-Man! Momma loves you <3


Grove City Relay for Life said...

seems like yesterday that I bought him his first "blue blanklet"!!!I will never forget how happy Paige was for a brother and a "blue blanklet"!!!