Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Day @ the Zoo

beautiful birthday girl
3 monkeys on an elephant
my turtle lover and his little friend

Instead of birthday parties for the girls this year, we decided to spend the day as a family doing something we'd all really enjoy. So, this morning we headed off to Asheboro to the NC Zoo. It was 32 degrees when we left Charlotte and I think it may have made it to 41, maybe even 42.... needless to say, it was cold!! The best part was, aside from our family and the four groups of people we saw while on the trails, we had the whole zoo to ourselves! It was awesome! The kids had all the time in the world to spend at each exhibit.... so, we took our time, spent the day walking and talking, and just enjoying our time with each other. The funniest part of the day was when we visited the otters. There were two otters in the exhibit and one really took a liking to Abby! Their habitat is divided into two separate areas, connected by a tube, so they can go in and out from both sides. It all started when one otter ran into the tube and off to the other side......Abby ran to that side to see where he went and the chase was on! This started the most hilarious 15 minutes of the day! Abby would run back and forth and that crazy otter would chase her. Even when Abby stopped, he would stop and wait for her to start running again! You'll have to check out the video below of all the fun:) We had such a great time today, we even became zoo members so we could back again and see Abby's new friend! (hopefully when it's a little warmer!) She's convinced she has to wear the EXACT same outfit so he will recognize her next time! How cute is that?? She named him Jimmy, because in her words, "He's fast like Jimmy Carter!" To which I said, "I think you mean Jimmy Johnson???" She says, "Oh Yeah.. Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Carter was a President! I'm so silly!!" ha ha ha, outta the mouths of babes!!


Anonymous said...

That otter video is soooooo cool. And that zoo has the most incredible playground I've ever seen too.


Debbie said...

trust me...Jimmie Johnson and Jimmy Carter are two different people!!