Thursday, November 8, 2007

Small Groups

kitch•en (kich’en) n. a room or place for the preparation and cooking of food. — Webster’s definition doesn’t help you much, does it? But think about it. What is the most popular room in your home? Where do you end up when guests or family come over? The kitchen. This is where lasting friendships are made. And that’s the kind of environment you will find in our small groups at Ridge. Our small group is a place where Rusty and I can meet with a group of friends each week and just “do life” together. I can honestly say that without this support network, our move to North Carolina would have been nearly impossible. We didn’t know what a blessing our small group would become to us, but I know that the people I have met through our groups have been most of the reason I am so completely in love with this place! In the past, with both of us working in the ministry, little or no time was left for Rusty and I to be involved in any sort of Sunday school type of environment. I had no idea what I missing! Our groups are a safe place to open your heart, share your life, and ask the tough questions. Our group is starting the video series, “Go Fish” by Andy Stanley and I know that major life change has happened in many of the couples lives (Including ours!) during the last few series, so I am looking forward to next Tuesday and to what God has in store for us!