Monday, July 23, 2007

Daytona Beach Trip

The Ridge Church staff and families spent last week in Daytona Beach. Our youth group was attending "Big Stuf" camp and Chris (our lead pastor @ Ridge) decided it would be a great way for the staff to bond and spend some time getting some much needed rest and relaxation before the big launch in August. We had a ball! Abby and Rusty spend most of their time in the waves. Abby was so excited to learn how to boogie board. Ever the worrier, Carter only went into the water up to his knees. He did have a great time catching coquina shells with Anna and Ainsley (Adam and Dana two oldest) and Brayden, Josie and Maddie (Chris and Angie's three sweethearts). One of the highlights of the trip was having dinner with Andy Stanley! Rusty was beside himself. He asked several times, "What do I say to the man who jacked up my whole life?" (If you haven't already heard about the sermon that changed our lives, Give Rusty a call - he'd love to share it!) These are a few pictures from the beach. Enjoy!