Sunday, December 14, 2008

doing what i love.....

I love being a preschool teacher! I adore everything about it! I love sharing the bible story with them and hearing their sweet voices as we pray together each morning. I love the huge mess that is left on the floor every afternoon when they all leave.... my motto is 'a messy room means we had tons of fun'! I love watching them on the playground, playing freeze tag or hide and seek. But, I'll have to admit that one of my all time favorite things to do with them are crafts:) Usually the messier the better! I love crafts that parents can keep. My favorite part of putting up our tree at home each year is going through the special box where I keep ALL the Christmas crafts my kids have ever made. We have paper plate angels, Pringle lid photo ornaments and construction paper gingerbread men hanging on our tree. I really wanted to help my preschoolers make some long lasting keepsakes for this year. Being that this is our inaugural year as a preschool, we are on a tight budget. So I dug deep and found some very inexpensive Christmas crafts to do with my class. They turned out so cute, I thought I'd share some with you!

This one is my favorite!
I stole (I mean
borrowed this idea from Carter's kindergarten teacher)
Paint the child's 4 fingers and thumb white, set glass ornament into palm of their hand and have them gently squeeze. This will make 5 "snowmen" fingers. When dry, add name, year and details.) You can change the poem to reflect the year:)
Construction paper "Angel"
plastic spoon "Snowman" ornament
(plastic spoon w/cotton balls, felt hat and pipecleaner scarf)
Bowtie Pasta Wreath
(color pasta w/rubbing alcohol and food coloring~let dry overnight~then glue onto cardboard circle painted green)



oyer said...

Ok, while i think all the crafts things are adorable, you and angie make me sick!!! I am glad God made ya'll and other people like ya but I have to admit, i am not one of them, you two are the queeen lacraftia!!!!! you go girl!
love working with ya! merry Christmas!